Our Mission

To provide stewardship for Hendricks Park through education, restoration and community support.

The Friends of Hendricks Park help to protect and maintain Eugene’s oldest city park. Located on the ridgeline to the east of the University of Oregon, Hendricks Park was established in 1906. The 78-acre park, with its visible ridgeline, is part of Eugene’s identity.

By Nathan Bouquet, a student journalist from the University of Oregon

Whether you are walking along a trail in the forest as yellow oak leaves fall in autumn, rambling in the Native Plant Garden when spring breaks through, strolling the paths in the Rhododendron Garden as it bursts with color when summer begins spilling into our lives, or pausing at the shelter to see the towering firs disappear into the mystical gray fog of winter, Hendricks Park is a wonderful place to be.

The 78 acres of Hendricks Park contain the Rhododendron Garden (15 acres), the Native Plant Garden (5 acres) and the 58-acre forest. The accessible location of the park provides a popular area for runners, walkers, and others who simply want to stroll through the gardens.

Friends of Hendricks Park help to upgrade trails, pull invasive weeds in the forest and Rhododendron Garden, and provide educational tours throughout the park. In recent years, the Native Plant Garden has become a significant aspect of the park, with new plantings, species labeling and weekly volunteer efforts, all supported in part by the Friends.